Candelo hosts world music and flamenco guitarists

Paco Heredia.
Paco Heredia.

Accomplished Australian world fusion guitarist Bart Stenhouse is about to hit the road for his first Australian tour for 2018, alongside renowned Spanish flamenco guitarist Paco Heredia.

Heredia has previously toured with big names of spanish music such as Paco de Lucía, Montse Cortés, Guadiana, Duquende, Jorge Pardo, Ginesa Ortega, and La Genára.

The duo will kick things off with shows across South East Queensland in Toowoomba, Nambour and Brisbane before heading south along the East Coast of Australia down to Melbourne and on to Tasmania, performing 19 shows in total.

They will bring their sound to the Candelo Town Hall on Thursday, April 12 at 7pm.

In addition to his performance, Heredia will also conduct a range of guitar and flamenco workshops around the country alongside his performances. Dates and locations of these workshops will be released closer to the event.

Bart Stenhouse.

Bart Stenhouse.

For a number of years, Stenhouse has been an active player on the jazz and world music scenes in South East Queensland, Northern NSW and abroad.

His playing and compositions take their root from his love of various world music styles, including Spanish flamenco, jazz, North Indian classical, western classical music, folk,roots and blues music.

A multi instrumentalist, he performs live on a myriad of instruments including a variety of guitars, electric mandolin, and electric and double bass.

Stenhouse is a former lecturer of music at the Queensland Conservatorium and currently works actively as a film score composer, live sound engineer and music producer.

He was a special guest performer at the 2016 India International Guitar Festival in Calcutta, India.

Heredia is a flamenco guitarist born in Barcelona and descended from a family of guitarists.

At the age of 3 he plays his first guitar and to this day describes playing as "a fundamental part of his life".

Heredia received a traditional formation from his childhood and his family provided him with boundless music, singing and dancing that shaped his youth. 

At 14, he continued his studies and entered the Liceo de Barcelona where he stood out to his teachers for his skills and qualification in his discipline.

Tickets to the event can be found at Bart Stenhouse’s website