Bega Web Words, February 16

Frogs Hollow pilot school

Every person who has purchased land in the Frogs Hollow, Wolumla, area was fully aware there was an airstrip. Stop whingeing, did you think it would never be used just because you bought land there? If the proposed flight school creates one job it's a bonus, plus all the fuel someone is going to supply them. Build it.

Phillip Winters 

Give it the bum’s rush.

George Summerson

Taxis feeling threatened

Remember back in the day the old RSL would shut and there would be hoards of people lining up to get a cab, and always cabs on Church St. Now barely see one. Times have changed.

Tara Jeffs Platts 

Uber is the future, not taxi services.

Wendy Franks 

I agree that more operators will not help, but something needs to be done. Why not have Bega utilise the state government funding to implement autonomous buses?

Jason Lewington 

Rehearsal in recovery

Damn, I missed that today - would have made my rounds entertaining.

Jeanette Atkins 

All the best Bob in your recovery in its natural course of time. I hope the play works out, timing and healing wise. 

Lee Surname 

That is true dedication.

Bronwyn Reynolds 

5500 great white sharks

5500 sharks in 2million sq/km of the Tasman, I will take those odds.

Derek van Bracht 

Do all shark lurk? Do any ‘hang’ or ‘chill’?

John Gardner 

Over 1200 people were killed on Australian roads in 2017. Roads are more dangerous than sharks.

Rob Alan 

So many sharks and so few attacks. Why all the hysteria? And yes I am a surfer.

Bill Jackson 

Statistically you are more likely to die from falling of a chair .

Steve Jackson 


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