Bega Web Words, February 13

Unpaid ambulance fees

After moving from Queensland to NSW we were shocked to now be accountable for ambulance costs if needed. In Qld every household is covered through a premium you pay extra on your electricity bill.

Manuela Wittner

What we should have is government funded emergency services. For emergencies. If you’re using it as a taxi, fair call, pay up. But if its an emergency? I pay my tax.

Beccy Beccyboop

Considering you can get ambulance cover from HCF for as little as $98 for a family of four for a year it’s a wonder people don’t do it. Ambulance fees should be paid and action taken on unpaid just like everything else.

Holly Dixon Lawler 

Ambulance fees and dentistry should all be part of free healthcare.

Tony Quoll Hastings

I don’t get people who are of the opinion that everything should be free. I’m not well off but make sure I save for things I need, including private ambulance.

Linda Dawson 

In my opinion if you don’t have regular ambulance cover you are taking a massive risk and putting further pressure and unnecessary costs to our (free) health system.

Ken Holloway 

Norma Allen obituary

Lovely lady, one of my favorite people to deliver to and will be sadly missed by all of us at Bega Betta. Especially by the silly big driver who she always had a friendly word, a chat and an offer of a drink and bikkies. I truly will miss you Norma and will be sad next time I drive past your house.

Nick George 

We will all miss her so much. RIP dear lady. She has been part of our lives forever.

Jenese Thelan

Beautiful lady, always a smile. Will miss her presence this weekend. I'm sure she'll be there watching.

Letitia Carroll

Always working for others and the good of our communities – unselfish, realistic and loving. And so proud of all her family.

Valerie Little

An amazing lady, a beautiful friend to my mother & always ready to help others.

Deb Heery 


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