Bega Web Words, January 12

Jenny Garner’s 10 years

Jenny Garner is an incredible asset to our community and I can’t thank the McGrath Foundation enough for providing this amazing service. The cancer diagnosis is a very scary one. Jenny’s compassion, information and support were invaluable. 

Tanya Rutter 

I would've been lost without Jenny, she is wonderful.

Kylie Parks

I suggested to Jenny we do a pink stumps day at Kameruka a couple of years ago. Jenny took time out of her very busy schedule to help me make it happen. 

Phillip Winters

Same-sex marriage

If you don’t agree then keep scrolling, I’d like to see how same sex marriage directly affects you? Oh no wait it doesn’t. Let’s look at the real issues of the world and figure out those. Good luck to those who are planning a wedding, I’m glad you get the chance to marry your loves.

Sophie Beaman

It hurts a 78 year old to see what this world that he will soon be leaving is coming to. It's my grandchildren and their children that will live in a totally different culture to that I have been educated in. 

Dave Keft

The world is changing, that’s not always a bad thing. If your children and grandchildren don’t want to marry the same sex then they won’t be forced to.

Jessica Parisi

Affordable housing

Something needs to be done alright but tripling rates on holiday homes is not it. The rates here are already high so some other solution should be found.

Jacqui Goodman

We have a house in the Southern Highlands and here in Bega and the rates here are nearly double what we pay in the Highlands! I'm unsure what the local council does with all this money.

Pamela McDonald

I do not agree with the proposed, however a greater incentive for people to let out their properties long-term could help reduce the problem and maybe help to reduce the ludicrous rental prices

Rebecca Abbott


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