Bega District Letters to the Editor, January 9

Thanks to Johnstons

And thank you Eric and Pat for your volunteer hours with the Wolumla Soccer Club and Bega High P&C, back in the late ‘80s and ‘90s. You warmly welcomed the Little boys into the Wolumla Soccer Club and helped to ensure Bega High was an inclusive and happy stamping ground for all the Valley kids.

I am sorry discussions regarding the airfield, which is obviously important to the Valley, have become vindictive and personal towards Eric and Pat.

Developments must be considered on the basis of the rules and laws governing the site, along with neighbours' and community concerns. The freehold owner's reasons for selling have nothing to do with site development discussions.

Val Little, Tathra

Keep beaches pristine

Bermagui Dune Care would like to remind readers, both locals and visitors alike, of ways they can care for our beaches in summer.

Please place all litter in bins or take it home with you. This includes cigarette butts, drink containers, hooks and fishing line. Litter is unsightly and dangerous, may injure beach users or wildlife.  Street litter can reach the beach via stormwater drains.

Please use and stay on designated access ways and avoid walking across vegetated dunes. This minimises damage to plants and disturbance to animal habitat. Stable dunes are more resistant to erosion. Native vegetation is protected.

Please do not light fires on beaches or in dunes as they are illegal in NSW. Fires produce embers that remain very hot even when buried in the sand which can cause serious burns to unsuspecting people or animals, and  also creates the risk of wildfire. Irreplaceable habitat is lost when firewood is gathered from beach areas.

Remember all Bega Valley Shire beaches are vehicle free, to protect people and habitat.

Dogs must be on leashes at all times unless the beach is signposted as  a "leash free area". Dogs are banned from some beaches and coast walk sections for health reasons and/or to protect wildlife habitat. No dogs are allowed on national park beaches. Always remove animal waste, out of consideration for other beach users.

The beaches in and around Bega Shire, and their dunes, are among our most important natural assets. Please ensure they are cared for properly.

Karen Joynes, coordinator

Complicit community

It would be easy to blame Trump for consenting to move the US embassy to Jerusalem if it weren't for the fact US presidents do not act alone.

There is nothing new in successive US governments placing Israel on a pedestal. There is nothing new in the international community kowtowing to Israel's constant demands.

Once again the international community register disapproval, waffle on about non-existent peace processes and two-state solutions, meanwhile it is business as usual for Israel. They will continue to receive billions of dollars in financial aid. Governments the world over  will continue to purchase Israel's latest military hardware.

The expansion of Israel's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons capacity will continue without inspection. The international press will continue to be bullied into censorship.  

Israel will never value the potential benefits of peace while they continue to profit from an unrelentingly brutal colonial project for which they are granted unparalleled impunity.

The international community are complicit in the worst of Israel's excesses until they take concrete action to hold Israel to account and demand justice for the Palestinian people; with or without the support of the US. 

Narelle Kinghorne

Swimmers, fishers and George Bass rowers enjoy the iconic Tathra Wharf on Friday, January 5.

Swimmers, fishers and George Bass rowers enjoy the iconic Tathra Wharf on Friday, January 5.


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