Health concern as multiple school children hospitalised

There were health concerns on Tuesday following the hospitalisation of several local school children after they fainted in mysterious circumstances.

It’s believed as many as eight pupils from Sapphire Coast Anglican College presented to the South East Regional Hospital’s emergency department as a precaution after falling ill during rehearsals for this week’s end of year presentation assembly.

It’s understood at least one pupil was briefly unconscious after fainting and hitting her head.

A spokesperson for Sapphire Coast Anglican College said the college has been given the all clear by a visiting doctor, but urged parents to be vigilant for any lingering symptoms..

The school advised all parents through its Skoolbag notification service that a doctor had checked the college theatre for an environmental cause for the children becoming sick.

“The medical practitioner gave clearance to the areas within the college and advised there was no immediate detected cause,” the school told parents.

“Should your child complain of stomach cramps, dizziness or nausea, you may wish to have your child checked out at either the hospital or doctor. 

“Given there does not appear to be an environmental factor and we are unaware of any further causes, please advise us if any of your children should feel ill.”