Bega District Letters to the Editor, November 14

Decision makers?

It was with much interest that I heard the Bega Valley Shire Council could not make a decision on fluoridation of water in all council water supplies. In addition they said a survey was going to be conducted throughout the shire. It seems this technique is becoming a standard practice for government bodies when they have to make a decision. In this situation who is to conduct the survey? Who will compile and administer it? Who determines the parameters of this survey? How binding will the survey results be on the council? Most importantly who will pay for it?

It is interesting to note the Bega water supply has been fluoridated for over 40 years and there don’t seem to have been any problems created by this.

Surely the elected representatives could have simplified matters and made a decision last week. Their procrastination will lose them considerable kudos in the community.

Rob Robilliard, Bega

Critical parameters

The Bega Valley Shire Residents and Ratepayers Association (BVSRRA) applauds the decision by Bega Valley Shire Council to pursue an independent survey of shire residents to determine if they support the fluoridation of the shire’s water supply systems.

While BVSC has resolved to pursue an independent survey, the BVSRRA believes there are some critical parameters that will need to be satisfied such that councillors can rely on the result to inform their decision-making and for the community to accept their final decision.

To be credible and believable, the survey must be organised and coordinated by BVSC and conducted by a reputable and independent organisation, with the opinions of a genuinely representative sample of around 500 adults from across the shire being sought.

In addition, the BVSRRA notes that a number of the passionate addresses opposing fluoridation made to council meetings were made by residents who live in areas such as Tathra and Bega where the drinking water is already fluoridated.  Given they were never afforded the opportunity to express their views on the issue when it was introduced, the BVSRRA believes their opinions should be sought in the survey and should a majority oppose the ongoing fluoridation of their water supply, then council should cease fluoridating that supply.

The BVSRRA understands the challenges this issue has presented for council, so it commends its decision to pursue a clearer understanding of the community’s view on the issue, in order to make a fully informed decision.

John Richardson, BVSRRA

Karma works both ways

Thank you to the kind person who found our son’s wallet in Bermagui and left it on the Police Station steps with cards intact.

Shame also to whomever had six hundred reasons for removing cash from said wallet, which just happens to belong to a person on a disability support pension!

Parents and brother are aware and hope that you enjoyed spending this money. Our son’s angst was palpable.

Jen and Tony Morrison, Bermagui

Tragic irony

Turnmorebull – so passionate for Freidenberg’s mother’s statelessness due to Hungarian government’s removal of her citizenship in 1940 –  was himself alive when the original citizens of this great country had their citizens rights tokenistically returned in 1967.  And last week Turnmoreandmorebull denied the next step in the re-establishment of the rights of the citizen owners of our great land. This land illegally occupied by Empire Jack under the Terra Nullius flag.

Stand up proud Australia its time to rewrite the constitution. Get rid of Empire Jack from our flag and put the red yellow and black in its proper place.

Tom Wood, Tathra

Collecting soil on Remembrance Day in Bega are Bob Flood, John Pruskocki, Pauline Pruskocki, Gary Berman, Jo Dodds, Tom Burn and Bill Flood.

Collecting soil on Remembrance Day in Bega are Bob Flood, John Pruskocki, Pauline Pruskocki, Gary Berman, Jo Dodds, Tom Burn and Bill Flood.


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