Bega Web Words, November 10

Tathra hotel almost open

Awesome effort, this will become a 'destination venue' for locals and tourists alike - a credit to Cliff’s vision, determination and commitment to appropriate and sustainable development in this region.

Steve Jackson 

I can't wait, the owners have given lots of locals work in this rebuild, it'll be a grand reopening.

Carmen Mataic

Shame none of the locals are going to be able to afford to be there. Bring back our old watering hole I say.

Indi Fiji

Can't wait to walk through the doors again. Long time coming. Congratulations and see you soon.

Margaret Shaw 

I used to go to the skating rink next to the pub 50 years ago - great spot.

Christine Beal

Well done Cliff. Looking forward to some pokie and smoke free entertainment.

Kym Mogridge

Indigenous Gweagal artifacts in Sweden

What a shame they just can't release these items to the people who care about them. I'm sure no one in Sweden gives a rats.

Wendy Howarth

I agree that it is time for the artifacts to be returned, but if they hadn't been taken all those years ago, they wouldn't still exist today. Being preserved and held in those overseas museums has made them into artifacts.

Liz Martel

Wallaga erosion

BVSC’s river/estuary policy is rapidly turning Mogareeka and the Bega River into a stinking swamp land and constantly damaging waterfront infrastructure. We need to extract 20 times more sand from the river and evaluate the feasibility of a structure to permanently keep the river mouth open.

Chris Sparks

When is it that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure? With the holiday season fast approaching council needs to open the lake before the road needs to be closed to effect repairs.

Michael Long


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