Peter Powers on to the South Coast

Peter Powers will bring his popular live show to Club Sapphire on Friday, November 17.

Peter Powers will bring his popular live show to Club Sapphire on Friday, November 17.

One of the most successful hypnotists in the world is coming to the South Coast.

Peter Powers, who has been making television shows for 17 years, will perform at Club Sapphire in Merimbula on Friday, November 17.

Peter featured in his own TV series on Channel 7 titled “Mesmerised” during 2015 that aired in prime time. He has also been a regular and a favourite guest on the Channel 9 Footy Show and will continue to make outrageous appearances on this program during this year. 

Referred to as ‘a comedy genius’, ‘a hypnotist without equal’ and ‘the best in the business’, Peter delights in the antics of his hapless volunteers almost as much as his audiences.

Peter’s upcoming live shows will have lots of new fun and outrageous routines where the audience can expect the unexpected. In fits of hysterical laughter, Peter seems to lose himself in each performance, pushing the boundaries of standard hypnotic fair and raising the bar with unique and truly whacky routines. All of this is delivered with a somewhat wayward humour in his distinctive, mischievous and impish style. 

Although the observer experiences a roller-coaster ride on the very edge of what could be considered sane and proper, Peter manages to give us an ample glimpse of potential danger and mind-manipulation- gone-wrong, whilst impossibly striking the balance of not taking hypnosis too far.

Beneath the well publicised image of ‘evil’ and ‘wicked’ he tries hard to portray, there is a warmth, playfulness, and overwhelming sense of trustworthiness that belies it.

If you’re out to have a great time, you won’t leave a Peter Powers’ show disappointed. Whilst his volunteers live out their wildest fantasies or experience their worst fears, the audience is thoroughly entertained as they indulge themselves in this bittersweet adventure.

Peter said his trips to Australia were a big part of his career.

“Australia is amongst my favourite places to perform,” he said.

“Australian audiences have the perfect outrageous sense of humour, are very supportive, and always show their appreciation for my shows.” 

“They push themselves to the edge, thus providing great entertainment like nothing else!” 

Peter also said his show brings out the wild side in participants.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than watching Australian audiences reacting and laughing as they watch their family and friends make utter fools of themselves,” he said.

“In the strip routine, the odd male will strip down to nothing before I have time to stop him, often causing major embarrassment.”

As well as displaying his skillful stagecraft in venues around the world, Peter Powers has starred in and presented 60 of his own television shows in five different countries. These have been broadcast in more than 30 countries worldwide.

He writes and creates unique formats for broadcast and devotes much time to his pursuit of knowledge and practice in the field of hypnosis for self-improvement, behavioral modification, extraordinary perception, altered states of consciousness and the control of chronic pain.

For just a short while, Peter Powers invites the participants to escape the drudgery and woes of the world to be treated to a wonderful state of bliss, fantasy and ultimate relaxation of both the body and mind while the audience enjoys a night of hilarious entertainment with jaw-aching laughter. 

The Naughty Naughty Hypno Show will be appearing at Club Sapphire on Friday, November 17. Doors open at 7.30pm. This is an 18+ event.


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