The Bega Spring Show 2017 shows young agriculture talent

Young studs: SCAC pupils wash their show calf on Wednesday ahead of the Bega Spring Show this weekend. Photo: Alasdair McDonald.
Young studs: SCAC pupils wash their show calf on Wednesday ahead of the Bega Spring Show this weekend. Photo: Alasdair McDonald.

The Bega Spring Show promises to be a fun day for young kids and cattle.

While most agriculture shows are held in February and show adult cattle, the ‘Legendairy’ All Breeds Bega Calf Day this weekend will host calves instead of cows and bulls and showcase the upcoming talents of the region’s youngest handlers.

Philip Pittolo of the Bega AP&H Society said the motivation is to get younger people interested in showing and training cattle.

“It allows kids to show animals that are a bit smaller and a bit easier to work with, so it’s a good introduction to showing,” he said. 

There will be two competitions at the Bega Spring Show, one for livestock, where the animals are judged, and the parader competition, where the handler’s performance will be assessed. 

Any age can enter the showing competition, which is divided into three age groups, under 10s, 10 to 16 years old, and 16 and over. 

Judging for the ‘Legendairy’ All Breeds Bega Calf Day begins at 9am on Sunday, October 22.

Agriculture students from Narooma High School, Bega High School and Sapphire Coast Anglican College will compete in the showing competition.

Calves must be under two years of age to compete and a purebred animal, but they do not need to be a registered stud. 

The Bega Spring Show is an annual event that has developed its own traditions over time. 

One of the most popular events of the weekend is the calf capers competition, where animals are dressed to a theme.

“We’ve had Harry Potter calves one year and another year we had a ‘Cowasaki’, which is a calf dressed as a motorcycle, so the kids get really creative with it and they love it,” Mr Pittolo said. 

For the first time this year, the Bega AP&H Society will be running a media workshop at the spring show 

“Photography is a big part of showing, if you’ve got a winning cow you can spend quite a bit of money getting professional shots done after a competition,” Mr Pitollo said. 

“So this is a way for young showers to develop good photography at the same time as other show skills.”

The two hour workshop will introduce the concepts of photo composition, lighting tricks, using props and boosting social media exposure to aspiring young farmers between the ages of 10 and 18. 

Other activities, like a rope pull and egg throwing competitions will be held.  

The Bega Spring Show is held at the Bega Showgrounds on October 21 and 22. Entry is free.

Visit for showing times and registration.