OPINION: Best of the web, October 13

Gardens’ $3.6m bill

Who is agreeing to these costs? Who is monitoring to ensure our rates are not being squandered or used indiscriminately? This seems like an exorbitant cost, with very little to show for the money! 

Gabbi Dummett 

Get real! How is a few boulders, grass, trees and concrete worth that much? What a joke. Their poxy car parks are too small for my car too!

Mandi Conon Rush

 Get a dairy farmer as the project manager and see what the real cost would be. Lot of penny smart farmers in Bega.

Robert Pelnens

That's sad. All that money and for what? There is hardly any shade to sit, no park for kids to play on and the so-called water fountain that's never on and is dangerous in the summer for little kids. 

Kiara Marie Jeffery

No offence but $3.6million could’ve gone towards something that could be more beneficial towards the community. I liked the old Littleton Gardens, was really cool place to chill back in the day.

Walt James Valsamakis

 I don't have a problem with the park but my recent visitors can't believe how dirty Ayres Walkway and the bus stop in Church St are, they all need a good hit with the fire hose – that wouldn't cost much.

Pat Durrant

Imagine if you asked Rotary or Lions or a combination of both to propose a plan and gave them a quarter of that money what may have been the result...Just an idea.

Peter Kelly 

Mystery lights up sky as well as social media

 I was pretty certain I hadn't seen it like that before. Lucky I was right and not going crazy. Certainly stands out now.

Jason Lewington

Investigative journalism at it best! Nailed it BDN.

Chris Sparks

Wasn’t this a drama on the for sale pages! Didn’t make me get out of bed to look at the lights though lol.

Sophie Beaman

 How can the hospital spotlights be seen from Merimbula and Eden? No way!

Tiona Leigh


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