Sapphire Coast Adult Swim Club launches

Nicholas Hoynes (left) and Bruce Williamson at the Sapphire Coast Aquatic Centre, Pambula.
Nicholas Hoynes (left) and Bruce Williamson at the Sapphire Coast Aquatic Centre, Pambula.

With a full complement of sports around the region, the question on Bruce Williamson’s lips is “Where’s the swimming club just for us adults?”. 

Williamson has found an answer to his own question after getting together with some like-minded swimmers to form the Sapphire Coast Adult Swimming Club. 

It will be based at the Sapphire Coast Aquatic Centre, Pambula but with regular weekly activities in other selected shire pools during the summer season. The club is for age 18 and up. No top limit!

“It’s nothing new” Williamson says, ”There are over 50 adult swimming clubs in NSW alone. It’s just there aren’t any on the Far South Coast.”

Council’s aquatic and leisure co-ordinator Nick Hoynes said he was surprised to find there wasn’t one in the area after previous experience on the Gold Coast, Canberra and northern NSW. 

Hoynes and Williamson have been working together over the winter months to ensure the new club is up and running for the summer season with activities to start in early October. 

You don’t need to be a gun in the pool, either says Williamson. 

“The term ‘masters’ is often associated with the adult swim clubs and this sometimes gives the impression that they are all a bunch of ex-elite athletes, but nothing could be further from the truth, he said. 

“Believe me when I tell you there are swimmers of all abilities in the clubs.

“Some of the most enthusiastic members are the ones who just stroke away at their own pace.” 

Williamson said it was about value-adding to a bit of exercise in the pool and socialising with like-minded people – the motto is ‘fitness, friendship and fun’.

The club will offer a range of activities to help keep you focused on staying active and have some fun and camaraderie at the same time. These activities will be structured around times that will suit most working adults.

The Sapphire Coast Adult Swimming Club will kick off with information and registration nights in the second week of October at these locations:

Tuesday 10th October 6.00pm at Sapphire Aquatic Centre, Pambula.

Thursday 12th October 5.30pm at Bega War Memorial Swimming Pool.

Friday 13th October 5.30pm at Cobargo Pool.

Or contact Bruce Williamson 0418 50 30 50