OPINION: Best of the web, October 3

Anger at Essential tree clearing

Mr Jermyn may want to familiarise himself with the various pieces of legislation relating to power line easements which does include the National Parks and Wildlife act. Just because there is a property vegetation plan in place, it doesn't mean that the energy suppliers rights to access the property without notice and carry out works are removed. Power lines are a major cause of bushfires.

Jason Lewington

I think they did you a favour.

Roman Wozniak

My understanding to what has happened is that the energy company were within their rights. Whatever means possible to keep the threat of a potential bushfire away by maintaining all land. This is in agreeance with the owner and council when a property is purchased, it needs to be accessible at all times. I live on property that has major power lines directly through my property and we need to make sure there is clear access so they can maintain them if necessary. No arguments. I’m not causing issues here but hey, your safety and the safety of others is more important here.

Samantha Canavan

Community pantry opens

Absolutely wonderful! Hope it helps all those in need! Thank you for being the special people in this world who care so much for those in a less fortunate position. Can we donate to the shop?

Samala Morgan

Well done all involved and especially to those who want to donate time and goods....Jess keep smiling you look great enjoy your experience.

Gena Whitby

Well done. Will help a lot of families struggling in the Valley.

Jan Heffernan

Hugh Hefner dies at 91

Don't try and tell me he's in a better place.

Dave Lucas

I wonder what Hef’s heaven looks like? Most blokes thought he already had heaven on earth.

Sylvana Tierney


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