Bega's triple crown provides three-step challenge

Pumped up: Bega Triple Crown organiser Wayne Douch said he's excited for the third running of the event on Sunday.
Pumped up: Bega Triple Crown organiser Wayne Douch said he's excited for the third running of the event on Sunday.

The Bega Triple Crown will return this weekend, offering entrants the chance to earn their chosen charity or sporting club $1000. 

The event is the brain-child of Wayne Ubrihien and Wayne Douch, who wanted to create a format that would be challenging even for a well-rounded sportsman. 

To be run at the Bega golf course on Sunday, the Triple Crown features a two-person team event including six holes of golf, sinking a full-rack of balls on the pool table and scoring 501 on the darts board. 

Ubrihien said it would be difficult for anyone to “shark” the event as even top golfers or leading darts players can come unstuck in the other formats on the day. 

The club is encouraging everyone to get involved with limited entries available as the prizes will support charities or local clubs. 

Ubrihien said the competition was worth entering just to try and secure the prize money for your chosen club or charity. 

“It’s not often that these small clubs or charity groups get the chance to win $1000,” Ubrihien said. 

The club is seeking entries by Saturday for catering purposes, but late entries on Sunday morning won’t be turned away. 

Entries are limited to 60 pairs, but Ubrihien said there were still spots available on the starting sheet and encouraged everyone to have a crack. 

“You’ve got to be in it to win, but really we want people to just turn up and have a good day,” Ubrihien said. 

“The golf is a two-person ambrose, then you alternate shot-for-shot to clean 15 balls off the pool table and finally the darts,” Ubrihien said. 

“Everyone will get a feed at the end of play and we’ve got the big screen ready for the NRL grand final.”

Play will run from 1.30pm on Sunday. 

Presentations will go ahead about 5pm and everyone is encouraged to stay on and watch the NRL grand final. 

Ubrihien said there would be plenty of support for local star Dale Finucane in the Storm camp as Melbourne takes on the North Queensland Cowboys. 

The Telstra Premiership NRL grand final will kick off at 7.15pm.

Last year’s major prize was collected by Tim Carroll and Matt Taylor, who donated the $1000 to the Jason Apps appeal. 

The runner-up prize was shared between the McGrath Foundation and the Tathra Hockey club after Don Ubrihien and Russell Brag nominated their winnings. 

To register for play on Sunday, just give the club a call on 6492 1570.