OPINION: Best of the web, September 25

Tathra community bike ride

What a great ride, hope all made it.

Pat Durrant

Well done boys!! Great effort!

Lamjak Smith

I'm sure it went well, what a great idea.

Vanessa Knee

‘Yes’ text

I received the text as well. I'm on the do not dial list, so that I don't receive these nuisance messages. 

David Masterson

Nobody’s privacy has been breached. Calm down.

Sarah Betts

My vote is my business and I think I’m intelligent enough to work out my own choice.

Sylvana Tierney

What’s more frustrating is I was unable to reply and ask them how did they get my number?

Michelle Renee Frost

They just picked random phone numbers. They have no idea who owns the number.

​Christopher Nicholls

SSM postal survey errors

Yes my parents got a letter addressed to someone today, they have had the PO box for 14 years! It’s absolutely ridiculous that the government is wasting $122m on a survey, 99 per cent of the population could vote yes and they probably still won’t pass it. Wonder what other useful things that money could have been spent on? Roads, schools and hospitals all come to mind.

Sophie Beaman

It's nothing more than a $122m survey.

Ang Hutley

Ours came with a PO box number that we haven't had for 12 years, and we have voted in all elections in this time. I also have to do a postal agricultural survey for the ABS for the last 10 years which has come to my residential address which is my electoral address.

Simon Bateman

They'll probably waste some more money on a royal commission on data collection.

Annie O'Keeffe

And so the debate will go on and on and on.

Dörte Planert


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