Bega district letters to the editor, September 19

Victorian police officers on motorcycles pass Bega on their way to the National Police Memorial on Saturday for the 2017 Wall to Wall Remembrance Ride.
Victorian police officers on motorcycles pass Bega on their way to the National Police Memorial on Saturday for the 2017 Wall to Wall Remembrance Ride.

Ignored on island

Many within the community at Bermagui have pleaded with the Bega Valley Shire Council not to place the centre island in Lamont St roadway just south of the bridge. We have all been ignored, it was installed and the first two incidents have already happened at this dangerous crossing just days after installation.

A child ran out straight in the path of oncoming traffic presumably thinking he had right of way because of the false sense of security. The driver was quick enough to see the child and slammed on the brakes.

The incident has been reported to the school with a view to the children being educated on the dangers of this crossing.

A group of seven bike riders came along the shared pathway and straight across the crossing without stopping, causing a near accident as once again drivers had to slam on their brakes to avoid them. These were adults – not children and one would have thought they should know better.

Just wait for the blinding summer sun of an afternoon.

We do not want the death or injury to any of our residents before this council wakes up.

Janette Neilson, Bermagui

Roads claim nonsense

Nothing to see here (“Roads backlog under control says council”, BDN, 7/9).

So says council’s soon to be former director of transport and utilities Terry Dodds, who claims that the 28.3 per cent increase in the value of council’s road maintenance backlog from June 2015 to June 2016 is not significant, in particular when compared to the year ended June 2014, even though the methodology used for calculating the value of the backlog was changed after 2014.

If it expects its claims to be taken seriously, it is incumbent on council to provide specific, credible information that residents and ratepayers can assess, rather than dismissing reports that don’t support its narrative with nonsensical assertions.

Given there is no point in trying to compare apples and oranges, how hard would it be for council to calculate and report the value of its annual road maintenance backlog for the past five years simply using the current method of calculation?

John Richardson, Wallagoot

Unspeakable truth

Here’s what Australian politicians will never tell you about North Korea.

The US’s main goal with North Korea since 1950 is regime change. This is so the US can control the whole of the Korean peninsula and thus further encircle and ultimately overthrow the Chinese communist regime that came to power in 1949.

This is part of a long-term goal after it achieved world primacy in WW2 to make the whole world subordinate to US political and economic interests.

China and Russia are the largest obstacles to that goal, and thus the main US targets for regime change, along with smaller recalcitrants such as Afghanistan (till 2001), Iraq (till 2003), Libya (till 2011), North Korea, Iran and Syria.

Since the US would never own up to these goals, it must convince the rest of the world that all these regimes are major threats to the West and must be overthrown for that reason.

Australia falls for it hook, line and sinker every time. Now we’re shaking in our boots about North Korea. Next will be Iran.

Forget about Kim Jong-un being mad – that’s a standard US tactic to prove the targeted regime is a threat to the west. He is almost certainly not suicidal; his nuclear weapons for deterring a US attack.

The real mad man, the real rogue state, the real threat to world peace, is the US and Trump.

But since all that is unspeakable – even unthinkable – in Australian political circles, we seem doomed to repeat the mistakes of our involvement in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Paul Strutynski, Buckajo


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