OPINION: Best of the web, September 15

Terry Dodds resignation

Sad to see Terry go. Remember the clock. I had several conversations with Terry over this. His advise was extremely helpful in the town clock not being moved. He was behind the rebuilding of Tathra wharf. He also found the bloke who fixed the inner workings of the clock.

Phillip Winters

Just got told (insert little birdy here), that BVSC has a 65% staff turnover! If it's such a great ‘Place’ why can't they retain staff?

Jeanette Atkins

Timber bridge works

Unfortunately wood rots. That these bridges are not on a heritage register is irrelevant. They are our history! Are they a unique design? Have they been photographed, described and measured? Is there a museum where they could be partially reconstructed?

Simon Haynes

How can we get the old timber of these bridges...tell me it's not just going to get thrown away?

Sherri Cooper

Water levels at Wallaga

Watch and wait while the water levels rise but wants to cut trees down in Bermagui because they might cause a problem in an unused fitness area.

Michael Long

Wait and watch the erosion around on the the bank near the boat ramp, it is already at the edge of the road, undermining council signs. Let's weigh up the costs – hire one excavator for a few hours, or hire one for a week plus tip trucks and large rocks to build a a break wall.

Leslie Whitby

We're planning a BBQ in the near future. Going on past attempts, we will have an East Coast Low and the equivalent to the total rainfall already received this year in two days. That should open it.

Fiona Elizabeth Izon Avery

New iPhone X revealed

Not at that price, it's almost as expensive as electricity.

Scott Wyatt

I'll stick with my iPhone 5... it still works fine.

Mandi Conon Rush


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