OPINION: Best of the web, September 12

Roaming dogs safety issue

It's not ok for people to let their animals roam. There would be a public outcry if this was a picture of a cat killing a bird or small marsupial. Contain your animals people. I have dogs and cats. Cats are locked in at night and dogs are contained in a house yard. It isn't that difficult.

Caroline Long

Why are the dogs not taken to a dog pound and if not claimed within 7 days either given to someone who can take care of a dog or put down if they are not safe to re-home?

David Cooper

Why do people have to take their dogs to absolutely everywhere here, I feel so unsafe to go out with my Bub. Yes everyone should exercise their dogs daily if they can but I have never experienced a place where regardless of where you go there is some uncontrolled dog with their owner.

Vicky Eustace

Marriage equality

I hope equality wins - I feel awful having to 'vote' so my fellow Australians can have the same rights as I have.

Tracy Lee

Be very careful what you wish for. Changing marriage laws will open the door to many other changes.

Phillip Winters

Climate action petition

Yep that'll fix that pesky recalcitrant climate. Just need to cc Ol Sol, he's the one that won't play ball.

David Alderton

Award nomination for Bega civic centre

Is this a sick joke? This would be one of the worst examples of a 'civic' building in Australia. It is dull, heavy handed and does not contribute to the surrounding context at all. Such a missed opportunity for a town that has so much history, fame and potential. 

Corey Diffin

I personally think it is modern and beautiful. When you sit in Littleton Gardens and look up toward it it looks lovely

RonSandra Ahkin

Pity we can't afford to use it.

Gretchen Morgan


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