Bega district letters to the editor, September 12

Cyclists from the bicycle division of the Bermagui Institute use the newly constructed pedestrian/cyclist refuge across Lamont Street, Bermagui.
Cyclists from the bicycle division of the Bermagui Institute use the newly constructed pedestrian/cyclist refuge across Lamont Street, Bermagui.

Thanks for road refuge

Cyclists from the bicycle division of the Bermagui Institute have been using the newly constructed pedestrian/cyclist refuge across Lamont St. The group thanks Bega Valley Shire councillors, its staff and contractors for the works which will ensure this busy road crossing is safer for vulnerable road users, particularly children, elderly and less mobile pedestrians.

Jack Miller, Bermagui

Support appreciated

The Mitchell family would like to convey our thanks to John R Whyman Funeral Services of Bega and Pambula for the support and services that were provided to our family. Your guidance through this difficult time was much appreciated.

Priscilla Kentwell, Towamba

Refugee insight

Note to Peter Dutton. Get along to an Anh Do show.

Gudrun Stylianou, Bega

Concession card welcome

Another win for the poolies of Bega. After ringing the BVSC last week they confirmed there is a concession card holder season pass costing just $105. It’s great to see BVSC supporting those in our community that need this service the most.

Jack Burgess, Bega

Power groundhog day

Frank Pearce of Bega sent in the below letter, which is actually one he wrote in 2009, but felt there’s enough relevance to today’s issues and “Groundhog Day” effect that he felt it worth revisiting.

The electricity company’s name has been left out as we felt that alleged commercial impropriety from almost a decade ago was no longer applicable so there’s no need to publish it.

Have a read and see what you think. Does it strike a chord with you as well.

To the manager.

Yes I am writing again and yes I am complainging again. Yes I know you are going to send me the same standard letter telling me I am gettingg charged so much because of this that and the other.

No I do not intend to pay to have my meter checked. I have done that before and it’s always been fine.

In my previous letter complaining about my $678.46 bill I told you only my wife, me anad a dog live here. I thought I should let you know the dog died at Christmas so now there are only two of us and I am still not in the house 14 hours a day.

Luckily I didn’t cremate him or you would have charged me another $50.

I thought I should also let you know I have had a full solar hot water system since December 14 and yet the bill I have just received is $709.52. There was also noboldy in the house for three weeks over Christmas.

You have got to be kidding. My bills have always been more than they should be but since you installed whix bankg new meters after having the old ones for 40 years my bills have turned into extortion.

I have a friend also with you who still has a child at home who pays between $300-400.

I have also attached an article about a family with four children who complain about having to pay between $400-550.

I should also add that my wife and I are often away for a week at a time but the bill is never less.

If you can locate the 10 people who must be living under my house and using all my electricity I will be most grateful.

A comment from a friend: Bloody hell! Ours for two people has just come in at $350ish and that’s including using a power hungry portable air conditioner most nights during the past couple of months. And we are totally unenvironmental and leave the TV etc on standby, have a small bar fridge as welll as the main one. Mate you have someone tapping into your grid I think.

Yes I will be following this up with both the media and government.

Frank Pearce, (formerly of Baulkham Hills)


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