Editorial August 24 2017

Dear sir (name withheld),

Thank you very much for your letter (as shown below).

We are more than happy to print a range of views on this matter and have done so in our Letters to the Editor section for a long while now.

Your view is indeed representative of a level of debate people predicted when our politicians removed themselves of responsibility and decreed the nation must undertake a “pleb-er-postal poll” on the issue. Your letter read as follows _

Dear Sir

I am writing to express the lack of balance and objectivity the Illawarra Mercury exhibits when reporting social issues.

I would have no hesitation as labelling the present editor as the worst we have ever had in this regard.

I would never wish harm to anyone and treat all I meet with respect, but homosexual behaviour disgusts me - always has - always will.

With me it is very much a morality issue. It is very concerning the general lack of morality, ethics and integrity.

To equate these (EDITOR’S NOTE; Word removed) relationships with marriage is the absolute insult.

*(EDITOR’S NOTE: We have removed an entire sentence here because it uses terms no longer socially acceptable in any way, shape or form)

Stop pretending that this behaviour is OK and somehow moral.


(Name withheld).

Let’s just be clear about this. The issue here is not one of sexuality, it is one of marriage equality. That’s pretty clear.

The issue of homosexuality is not the debate. Homosexuality is not illegal. Society has well and truly moved on from that debate a long time ago thankfully. Bigotry is not illegal either.

What we are calling for is for people to simply make sure, if they are eligible, they are enrolled correctly and have their say.

We are asking people to encourage others to participate in this national survey and use the hashtag #YourVoiceYourVote on social media to promote participation.

Everyone will get an equal chance to vote “yes” or “no” with their ballot paper.

People have until 6 pm on Thursday, August 24, to ensure they are enrolled or their details are correct with the Australian Electoral Commission.  Make sure you have your voice heard.

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