Photographers capture Point Perpendicular Lighthouse's beauty

Point Perpendicular was again at its brilliant best for the 16th International Lighthouse and Lightship event.

We asked for your photos and you delivered with some spectacular shots of the historic structure.

Around 1200 people took the opportunity to have a look through the lighthouse and its grounds, taking in some stunning views of Jervis Bay.

Once again the commanding structure was a magnet for keen photographers, especially at night, when they were given the opportunity to capture the building and light in all its glory.

Check out some of the stunning work of local photographers Dannie and Matt Connolly, Laurie Owens, Les Lawrenson, Matt Jeffrey and Sky Martin.

Lighthouses Australia president Ian Clifford, said despite the at times bitterly cold weather and wild winds, he was surprised by how many people visited the Beecroft Peninsula site.

“It was one of the bigger weekends we have had as part of these celebrations. There is something about lighthouses, they just attract people,” he said.

Did you get any photos of Point Perpendicular over the weekend? We’d love to see them and add them to our gallery. Just email to

This story Point Perpendicular through your lens first appeared on South Coast Register.