OPINION: Best of the web, August 11

Would you use E10 fuel?

 E10 is rubbish and should not be use in older cars. Because of the ethanol content it takes on water and will create problems, even stop your car from running.

John Harrop

I’ve got a 97 Honda Civic and it runs better on E10 than anything else.

Sten Larsen

Considering NRMA has a vested interest in motors breaking down/repairs I would not be listening to this advice! I have seen first hand the rubbish E10 has left in tanks!

Giselle Savage

When it first came out it was 8-10c cheaper. Now it's only 2 or 3. It also burns quicker as well. So what's the point?

Ray Drew

Nope, put petrol in a diesel once, never again.

Robert Grieve

I wouldn't put that fuel in my lawnmower, let alone in my car.

Bernie Peter

Wind farm for Brown Mt

Joke, waste of money, when will the do gooders realise that climate change is a myth and Australia cutting emissions will not make one iota of difference to the world. Coal fired power stations are the answer. It's the hip pocket that speaks.

Phil Roberts

Doesn't matter to me. The power bills will still be too expensive to keep up with. 

Ang Hutley

It's silly, why have a wind farm pumping out clean energy when we could dig up black coal to burn, cause massive breathing problems for thousands and kill the planet’s climate. Why should we listen to science, when we are far better off trusting the word of the big money grubbing coal corporations.

Jamie Shaw 

Simple question to all the coal-lovers: what do you use (burn) when the world runs out of coal? Personally I like Fusion Energy. It's the cheapest energy going these days, I run my solar farm off it.

Andrew Thaler

Get the clean coal power plants up and running instead of stuffing around. Many people are suffering and dying because you aren't.

Mark Williams


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