OPINION: Best of the web, August 8

Free trees pull a crowd

Imagine if all these people lined up like this every week to support their local food producers!

Nicky Harris

Ha ha no wonder there were none left!

Gabrielle Powell

This is fabulous! I will be there for sure. More trees = more wildlife.

Shannon Davis-Thompson

Lowering the shooting age

We used them at that age. Luckily we had common sense. We grew up around guns not in the nanny state we have now.

John Rocke

Absolutely nothing wrong with the suggestion. @BegaNews is just playing political sensationalist. I started using a firearms since the age of 3 in the backyard shooting milk cartons. It taught me the respect and care needed to own and handle a firearm. My daughter went hunting with me in Africa age 4 and still talks about it at age 8! 

Johan Ras 

Ahh the debate is on again! What a waste of time as the idiots complaining about the topic will win anyway! We are a small majority of people who think it's a great idea to interact with their children and teach them responsibly and patience. These days kids are held hostage to the Xbox and gadgets they have lost all ancestors heritage of just communicating with each other not via a phone. I long for the day we don't have to be governed by rules upon rules that don't protect anyone anyway!

Rebecca Miller

I don't understand why people think this is so crazy? Kids get taught farm safety and firearm rules way before 10. We get it drilled into our heads because safety is important, farm kids drive cars, use machinery and do all sorts of stuff city slickers never do in their entire life. I'd rather a nine year old farm boy with a gun than a 20 year old Sydney boy any day.

Thomas Wheatley

Most farm kids have used one by the age of 10 anyway. What he's proposing doesn't allow them to walk the streets with a loaded firearm you know. Nobody can get a gun licence until they're 18. This is just like a learners permit. They must be supervised at all times.

Gary Hodges


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