League roundup: sport editor’s picks


Most of you would have seen me around at a game of rugby league, Aussie rules and occasionally the soccer or hockey busily snapping away with my camera. 

The thing I am asked more often than anything else is “what team are you going for?”, to which I normally reply indifferently, or mumble incoherently – I don’t like to favour teams, it seems counter-intuitive to the job if you ask me. 

That’s not to say I don’t have bias, but I do try and remain objective when I’m field-side and just report on games as I witness them. 

However, there are always standout players in any given role that impress and the interests of a bit of fun with the Group 16 grand finals looming, I’ve put together a bit of a ‘sports editors picks’ – If I were a Group 16 coach with my run of the pack, this is the list of players I would put on the park. 

1 Mick Taditch (Bay Tigers) 

2 Zac Slater (Bombala Blue Heelers) 

3 Joe Bobbin (Bombala Blue Heelers) 

4 Karlos Filiga (Cooma Stallions) 

5 Raymond Turner (Moruya Sharks) 

6 Blake Robinson (Bombala Blue Heelers) 

7 James Bower-Scott (Bega Roosters) 

8 Todd Ayers (Narooma Devils) 

9 Jarrod Cole (Merimbula-Pambula Bulldogs) 

10 Grant Moon (Merimbula-Pambula Bulldogs)

11 Michael Wykes (Eden Tigers) 

12 Robert Aratangi (Eden Tigers) 

13 Scott Fuller (Bega Roosters) 


14 Dennis Green (Moruya Sharks)

15 Daniel Cronk (Merimbula-Pambula Bulldogs) 

16 Ryan Apps (Bega Roosters) 

17 Luke Dowdle (Bega Roosters) 

I know most people flood the bench with forwards for added impact, but Group 16 is swimming with talent so I’ve opted for players I couldn’t squeeze in the list and those with fantastic utility – that unique ability to fill a number of roles. 

Over the season, each of the players named has been one of the high work-rate – get on with the job types, or the kind of players who can flip a game on its head with a well-orchestrated play, blinding run or pin point accurate kick. 

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