#ThrowbackThursday: Moon landing in the Bega District News

The historic 1969 moon landing was of course reported in the Bega District News. But apparently “one of man’s greatest adventures” was second fiddle to the opening of a geriatric unit at the local hospital.

Two front page photos with an extended caption is the only record of that historic event, although only the very next edition the Bega Co-op used the moon landing as a theme for its latest advertisement!

(Perhaps lending credence to the faked moon landing conspiracy theory is the explanation in our caption that Richard Nixon spoke to the astronauts “by telephone” – maybe in the film stage next door?!)

As reported in The News: Bega and District (a temporary name change), Tuesday, July 22, 1969:

One of man’s greatest adventures reached a climax yesterday when man took the first steps on the moon.

The historic event was watched by countless millions around the world. Here in Australia the first space walk took place just after midday.

Our picture above shows astronauts Neil Armstrong and  Edwin Aldrin planting the American flag on the moon close to their lunar module Eagle.

Below the United States President, Mr Nixon, speaks to the men by telephone. He is congratulating the Commander of the Apollo 11 crew, Neil Armstrong, on the successful mission.



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