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Bermagui liquor licence

I cannot believe this is still going on. The whole community says NO! Very few locals will go there anyway. Make the space useful and expand the range! Earn our respect, not our anger!

Sandra O'Keefe

I think it’s a great idea. How many Friday nights have we gone to Bermi to get dinner and go to the local liquor shop and it’s shut. Now you can get pizza and drinks from the one spot for under $50 easy. No-one wanted Woolies but look at how many people walk through the doors now.

Natasha Mathew Bonomi

No no no no how many ways are there to say we don't want another grog outlet. We have a great bottle shop and the pub already and we all know how the big chains operate. They never stop being greedy, they should consider our community.

Howard Trendall

So the government wants to place people on income management to stop drinking, but they want more liquor licences? That's pretty stupid. We have enough alcohol related problems in society.

Cheryl Ann

How many times do we have to say we don't want this?

Wendy Franks

NBN connection issues

My satellite NBN is faster but much much much less reliable than previous service. From part of my farm I have line of sight to fixed wireless, but not where the house is. Makes a very big difference to what is delivered.

Phil Ryan

We had a dish installed (wireless service) by Optus at Angledale about 12 months ago. Good service and internet working as well as NBN we had in Canberra. No real complaints at all

Pauline Wilson

Both parties have been as equally inept at managing the NBN. Labor started it off terribly, and the Libs have given us a half-baked NBN that will be irrelevant in a decade.

Jack Winchcomb

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