OPINION: Best of the web, July 14

Parks cutbacks

Allegedly 38% of NPWS field staff have been cut in the last two years, while the executive has increased. The next big bushfire season (this summer?) will expose the folly of this strategy.

Nurk Daddo

All national parks should be given back to the traditional owners to manage. Greens and environmental groups have used them for their own political and economic power to the detriment of the first people's.

Merung Yukembruk Ngarigo Corroboree

Probably going to privatise them. Not much left to sell off.

Iain Saunders

Digital licences for boats

I am quite happy with my plastic boat licence thanks. It doesn't need charging and is waterproof, and they can verify my vessel registration on their hand held device at anytime.

Patrick Ward

The old boys around Bermagui are not going to like this. My husband for one.

Sandra Williams

Ray Speechley still missing

This is just devastating that he is still not found! I hope they find him...whether he is alive or not. This poor woman and her whole family need closure and answers!

Mandi Conon Rush

I just can't get this mystery out of my head! How does this man just disappear?

Belinda Pilgrim

Very sad indeed. Just a thought maybe Jan might look to asking police for a psychic that works with police to find him. This will bring closure. If Jan is hearing Ray’s voice then maybe she would be open to the psychic route. I do feel the red car needs more paying attention to. I pray for peace and healing for the whole family.

Rebecca Miller

This is so sad I didn't realise it's been a year already. I hope and pray he will be found.

Heather Pimm

Glad to see you you haven't given up hope Jan, hope the dogs and police never give up. All the best of luck, never give up will be praying for you.

Roman Wozniak


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