Bega district letters to the editor, June 20

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Difficult time for surgery

I, like so many in the community, was distressed to read about Dr Cedric Schmaman in last week’s news. 

My heart goes out to Cedric and his family for their suffering at this time. 

As founder of the Lighthouse and Bermagui practices, I valued the support that I always had from Cedric in helping me realise a vision to create a training practice. 

The objective was to introduce students and registrars to rural general practice with a view to providing sustainable services.

I implore all in the community who so generously supported me over four decades to support Dr Gundi and Jane at this difficult time.

Dr Jenny Munro AM, Narooma

Support the victim

I am sure the community shares empathy with all the practitioners and staff at both Lighthouse and the Bermagui surgeries over the arrest of one of their doctors. Both practices have served our community in a professional and caring manner over many years.

However, I truly hope that both the surgeries and community will also give much-needed support to the victim involved. One can only imagine the long term damage she is suffering as a result of this abuse. She appears to be a very vulnerable person.

Carol Ladd, Akolele

Not about the surgery

We refer to the article “Doctor facing jail for assault” and Dr Jenny Munro’s letter (31/5).

We would like to point out to Dr Munro (Wray) that this is not about either the Lighthouse or Bermagui medical practices, or how these businesses will recover from the actions of Dr Schmaman but, more to the point, the suffering of a female patient while in his care. 

I find it distressing that Dr Munro did not mention the patient at all in her letter. 

Her heart should go out to her, not to Dr Schmaman.

Dr Schmaman is suffering because of his own actions.

He is not a victim, but chose to use his position of trust as a doctor to his own advantage. 

What he has done is unforgivable.

We thank the woman involved for having the courage to go to the police and report the assault and we wish her all the best with her recovery from this awful event in her life.

Jan and Des Burridge, Narooma

Puzzled by the response

I was puzzled by Dr Munro’s letter in the Narooma News (31/5) because she makes no mention of the victim.

After her introduction, Dr Munro chooses instead to write about Dr Schmaman and his family thus making their suffering the central issue.

In then seeking to promote the reputation of her late practice, it seems regrettable that Dr Munro ignores any professional, legal and moral issues involved and conveniently “airbrushes” the victim out of her narrative. 

It is obviously a difficult time for all concerned but surely none can be more traumatic than the experiences of the victim, a patient of the practice, entitled to trust and duty of care.

I agree with Dr Munro in imploring the community to support Dr Gundi.

John Oakley, London (formerly of Mystery Bay)

Vital MS diagnosis

My family and I have been patients of the doctors and allied health staff at the Lighthouse Surgery for more than 30 years. With busy lives and four very active children, it was vital to have such care in our town.

The amount of expertise and care offered by the Lighthouse Surgery became even more important when after a series of tests I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001. The expertise, knowledge and empathy provided helped me come to terms with living with an incurable neurological condition, MS.

Prior to Dr Wray’s retirement I was able to change to Dr Gundi, who continues to provide wonderful support. I know I will benefit from my support team, which includes my family, friends, allied health professionals, neurologists, Dr Gundi and all the staff at the Lighthouse Surgery.

Bruce Frost, North Narooma

STUNNING LIGHT SHOW: This beautiful sunset at Cobargo was photographed by Debbie Osiecki on Saturday.

STUNNING LIGHT SHOW: This beautiful sunset at Cobargo was photographed by Debbie Osiecki on Saturday.


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