OPINION: Best of the web, April 21

Wayne’s wedge gets hospital all-clear

Sometimes things are built with the best intentions and it's not until later on that you realise it's impractical. I'm so glad there's been a solution to this issue even if it's not the best fix.

Lisa Nowicki

Wayne for Chief Negotiator with Management and Medical Staff

Elaine Cozens

A small victory, but much more needs to be fixed.

Linda Hayward

The real thing here is that Wayne helping patients come to dialysis as transport to SERH is a MAJOR issue. Good on you Wayne...the wedge is a minor issue.

Karen Griffiths

More guns added to banned list

This totalitarian approach is a failure and only targets law abiding citizens. Our government is actually banning some rifles because they “look scary”. This is an indication of the degree of insanity of our government.

James Peel

Will this ban affect criminals, or only law abiding firearms owners? Think we all know the answer!

Frank Weiss

Dignams Creek upgrade

Any project that improves the safety on the national highway is good.

Michael Long

This was supposed to begin immediately after Victoria Creek was finished. Two years later and it has just been approved?

Nick Tetley

Not before time. Should have been done years ago.

Gordon Bobbin 

I'm a 30 year resident of Dignams Creek, and while I understand the necessity of the upgrade I am hoping it will be done with sensitivity to the environment and wildlife. 

Kathy Grayson

I'd really like to see them do something with Brogo bridge! The trucks travelling the road struggle with this bridge and cars travelling and towing also struggle.

Candi Lynch


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