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Charity floored by hall fee for fundraiser

No point having a fundraiser if all the money goes to hiring the hall. Glad council is taking back control.

Jeanette Westmore

Outrageous, given that the facility is a poorly designed white elephant with an unusable audio system. I believe the event company that manages the facility is paid somewhere in the order of over $200k a year.

David Sparks

This is totally disgusting. It is a community centre and should be made available to the community - not used as a money spinner. So many charities need to use this at some time but certainly can't afford it - their money goes to helping people in need. Come on council - get real and do something about this.

Patricia Joan Avis

This council can still surprise me. Obviously they don't realise the outrageously expensive building belongs to US and it is for OUR community.

Lorna Findlay

Someone's upped the ante. In years gone by non-profit groups using pubic halls paid a token amount and a refundable bond.

John Anthonycafe

Door wedge needed for new hospital

I complained about that door mid last year direct to the hospital. Glad it took someone with common sense to help those that struggle with wheelchairs and wheelie walkers.

Sue Hoogenbosch

Good on you Wayne for bringing this problem to the hospital and public attention.

Dawn Linehan

Wollongong renal unit doesn't have electric doors either. It requires someone to hold the door while another person pushes wheel chairs through it. I know this because my son has been on dialysis for 5 yrs now and he's the one holding the doors open for patient transport people while ambos push them through. 

Irene Galli

Another trip to the hardware store to keep the hospital running. First it was bolt cutters.

Warren Purnell


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