Webwords, March 21

Pambula house fire

At this stage they have enough clothing and will need everything eventually but do not have a place to live as of yet so until we have all that sorted I will keep in contact and let everyone know more. Thank you for all the support. Such a wonderful community.

Holly Callaghan 

Feeling devastated for them. Six years last week since it happened to us, and it is hard to get over, but friends and family will get them through. Our country communities are simply amazing.

Rod Niemeier 

Day of Action on Bullying

Yes it should be fought daily, however it's still important to hold a day such as this to really highlight the issue.

Jason Lewington 

Not enough is being done to stamp out bullying. Times have changed and it’s more than just bullying at school anymore. I was listening to the radio today where kids as young as 10 are wanting to commit suicide because of bullying. We need to do more.

Melinda Cleaver 

I couldn't agree more BDN. Thank you for saying what many of us parents couldn't quite bring ourselves to say for fear of sounding negative about what is a good idea. But one day isn't enough! Let's keep the discussion current. It's not about about pointing fingers. It's about making the world a better place, starting at home.

Sherri Cooper 

SERH review announced 

An improvement overall would be good, however I do hope our battle to retain Dr Phoon doesn't get lost in admin paperwork!

Ken Holloway 

Lets hope it also means more funding for the hospital so that all facilities can be operational.

Jenny Bollinger 

Please no more cut and paste platitudes from politicians. We are an intelligent, caring and committed community happy to roll up our sleeves and pitch in. Show us some decent commitment and we'll run with it. This vital facility and its community deserve the opportunity to shine.

Lou Roberts 


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