Webwords, March 17

Water fluoridation debate

I grew up in Melbourne where I believe the water had fluoride added and in my 28 years of life I've only ever had one filling. I believe the fluoride is the reason for this. In saying this, I don't drink Bega's tap water anyway because it tastes disgusting so it doesn't affect me.

Jessica Parisi 

Why would you want additives to anything you ingest? No to fluoride. We don't need it. Why have we survived for thousands of years without it? 

Kym Taylor 

I had to eat fluoride tablets as a child due to the water being not quite right where I lived at the time. Fluoride helps teeth develop better.

John Taplin 

Regardless of what you believe - people should have the right to choose what they put in their bodies. I am totally against additives to the most basic human requirement - our water. If you wish to ingest fluoride that is your choice and it should not impinge on the choices of others.

Johanne Bull 

I'm against putting chemicals in our drinking water, and how will this effect our rates, is this going to be a excuse to increase the cost of our rates?

Michelle Hayward 

BVSC acquires sculpture

Mmmm 10k on that when we need $1million to fix the wharf at Tathra. More spending on useless items. Purchasing the Tura Tavern and the Old Bega Hospital that money could have been used on more important things as well.

Linda Dawson 

Whilst I don't feel that particular piece has much artistic merit I do applaud the council in purchasing work they perceive as art. Just might need to let someone else get the next one

Pete Johnston

Oh Bega! It's fine to invest in public art. It's part of the creation of livable spaces! 10,000k is fine when you considered the labour, materials and equipment, transport costs etc involved in making the work. It benefits all of us who live here to invest in public art.

Heather Burness 


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