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Eurobodalla bans releasing helium balloons

They're fun and pretty, but where do they go when they pop?

Anthony Hancock 

Considering how many balloons wash up on our beaches and are eaten by marine life, I'm all for banning the release of inflated balloons at festivals and events.

J'Aime Lilith Ishtar

Yes! Was just talking about this at work today that releasing balloons should be illegal. It is littering after all and is so harmful to wildlife.

Jess Ramsey

NSW EPA already limits it to maximum of 20, but very few people are aware and I have no idea how it is enforced.

Fiona Elizabeth Izon Avery

Well done! All balloon releases should be banned. As a wildlife carer I have seen first hand the damage they do.

Shannon Davis-Thompson

It should be a no brainer.

Vicki Hodges

Unfortunately it is time to ban them. They were fun, but time for us all to grow up and move on.

Kylie Rixon

Just a little story: I recently found some helium balloons washed up on a Bermagui beach. They had clearly been in the ocean a long time as they had grown barnacles on them, had been torn and bitten by marine life and their strings had tangled tightly around seaweed etc. The balloons still had a logo on them for a Real Estate that I later discovered was located in North Sydney. These balloons had travelled all the way from there and had probably been in the ocean for several months. I wrote a friendly email to the Real Estate along with a photograph of the rubbish and asked them if they might consider more environmentally friendly alternatives to the helium balloon at their celebrations. They appreciated my email, agreed to find an alternative and apologised for my find. A positive result!

Caitlin Jane

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