Webwords, January 10

Snake in Bega Target’s underground carpark

Just not sure whether late ’70s or early ’80s but one found its way into a police vehicle in Bega. Wasn't driven for some time.

Darrell Worley 

Snakes on land, sharks in the sea. We will have to head for the hills.

Bev Richardson

It’s only a red bellied black, leave it alone and it will go away. 

Brenda Barrett 

At least its being used. Try parking in it, you’ll get hunted.

John Chalker 

Tathra Pig Races

I'm not sure this activity is ethical. What do others think?

Betsy Cecchetti

I am sure no pigs are hurt.

Linda Hayward 

Really?! Can't we be entertained without inflicting misery on animals?

Denise Walsh

Happiest little piglets in town!

Chris Sparks 

Narooma woman wins jackpot of over $1million

And how many people walked away with a gambling addiction and zero winnings?

Wendy Franks 

Lucky lady a great New Year's start for sure.

Christine Mcdowell 

Give a little to WRC!

Gabrielle Powell 

Bega petrol prices rise on Saturday

At Tura Beach Caltex at 10.30am vortex 95 was 134.9L at Bega Caltex at 10am it was 157.9L but we’re not getting ripped off.

Steven Bobjay Meaker 

Drove past Woolies service station at 127.8. Twenty minutes later it was in the 140s.

Sharon McMahon 

At 1.30 E10 was still 127 then at 3 leaving the Sapphire Marketplace it had changed to 146? Weird!

Cornelia Kemeling 

As usual they hold us to economic ransom down here.

Paul Sjoholm 


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