OPINION: Best of the web, October 18

Van Ryn argues for appeal

Let's just hope that it backfires on him big time. I feel so much grief for the families. Justice has to prevail. This is getting beyond common sense now.

Marisa Catlow

Can we hope that the courts lengthen his sentence again?

Adrian Day

Just let the scum rot in jail! Why do they let these scum keep appealing? He is guilty, been sentenced, so cop the punishment. He didn't care about his victims and their families!

Cecilia Waterson

The families are under great stress right now. I feel for them.

Ann Spier

This is unbelievable. Who does he think he is? Double his sentence. Teach him a lesson. Justice for the victims!

Baz Would

Council’s storm damage repair priorities

What ever you are going to fix, do it now. It will be Christmas in a few weeks and we don’t need people complaining about how things need to be fixed. Shop keepers depend on Christmas for their livelihood.

Michael Long

Anything in Bermagui, nothing ever gets fixed here. We never have any new pathways without waiting years and years. We need a playground at the skate park not in front of the pub! How long will it take? My baby will probably have her own babies by the time we get it.

Wendy Franks

Delegate man sentenced on dog cruelty

Are you kidding? No jail time? I suppose in a country where dogs are routinely shot in the thousands for a racing industry you can't expect much better.

Megan Robson

When are sentences going to fit the crime? 200 hours...should have received 2 years! C'mon judges, people don't like hearing the same feeble slap on the wrist!

Johns Beryl

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