Final test of students’ aptitude as HSC begins for Year 12s | Photos

Year 12 students across the state headed into their first HSC examinations on Thursday.

Bega High School’s students exited the Bega Showground pavilion after sitting their exams for English Standard and Advanced, relieved the work was finally over.

“It was hard at the beginning, but it got better,” student Sally Higgins said.

“I realised I wasn’t going as badly as I thought.”

Isabelle Champagne-Chittick said she was “pretty excited for it all to be over”, but Ginny Renauld said she was “pretty chill” about all her exams.

“I’m not super stressed about my ATAR, so it was okay,” Ginny said. 

They and fellow Bega High students Annie Fitzer and Jazmyn Carter planned to move in together in Melbourne when they finished their exams, with some having a gap year or hoping to go on to university. 

Twins at Bega High Jesse and Ryan Cavanagh also sat the English exam on the day. 

“I thought it was easy, but my marks might not reflect that!” Ryan said.  

“The HSC exams have been a cool walk through the park yet have also impacted me greatly and deterred me from future study.” 

Jesse said the exam had gone well, but two birds had flown into the pavilion and disrupted the students by screeching which had made it challenging. 

On Wednesday evening, several Year 12s took the opportunity to get some quiet last-minute study time in with the Bega Library HSC Lockdown.

Sisters from the Sapphire Coast Anglican College Bethany and Caitilin O’Connor said they were “semi-ready” for Thursday’s exams.

The twins sat both the English and Music exams on Thursday, so they said they were looking forward to Friday afternoon!

Bega High’s Kaytlen Walsh and Alysha Troy were also using the lockdown to get in some final preparations.

Kaytlen admitted she was a little nervous heading into the HSC exams, but said the lockdown was a nice way to avoid any potential distractions at home.

Ellie Grose, also from Bega High, said she would be happy to get English out of the way.

She said she preferred maths “as at least there’s only one right answer”.

Ellie said she planned to take a gap year before starting environmental engineering at university.


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