Letters to the editor, October 14

Positive solution

What a wonderful, positive community response to the honesty of our two young people who were brave enough to accept responsibility for their vandalism of Littleton Gardens.

Your editorial (BDN, 11/10) reported that Nathan Marshall suggested a mentoring program, John Richards the financial advantage of employing a youth worker and others, community service, as possible solutions to vandalism.

These are all very positive ideas, and not just for vandalism.

But nothing will be achieved if solutions are attempted in a piecemeal manner, out of scattered locations around the town.

Our roofless community centre, the Old Bega Hospital, did, until 2004, provide the opportunity for the above types of services to be built around the needs of the individual and the community, taking into account local opinion, circumstances and available resources. If the people of our Valley had access to a vibrant community centre again, where help, advice, information and activities were available, coordinated and directed where needed, then everyone, the young and not so young, would take more pride in our town.

Valerie Little, Tathra

Very confusing

In Friday’s Bega District News there was an article voicing concern over the Liberal Party’s influence on the newly elected council, which I totally agree with.

Each councillor should be completely independent with no affiliation to any political party.

I don’t care about what they vote personally, that is their own business, but it should be completely neutral in relation to the council decision making.

The part that confuses me is the article I have spoken about says they don’t believe in a popularly elected mayor, which is rather conflicting. If a significant number of councillors are Liberal wouldn’t they vote for a Liberal mayor?

It also doesn’t give much credit to residents in relation to picking their own mayor.

Eight people get to decide and thousands of residents don’t?

Frank Pearce, Bega  

Saviours thanked

I wish to send my heartfelt thanks to two Bega police officers, Senior Constable Jarrod Butler and Sergeant Brad Swan.

These two officers saved my life in a recent incident and I wish them to know publicly that I will always  remember their sincere devotion and will always be extremely grateful for their actions.

Thank you.

Nigel Wiggins, Bega

Stand by our youth

October is Mental Health Month and it is over this month that we put extra emphasis on understanding and recognising mental health issues.

Although it is important to reflect in this month, I implore everyone to extend their reflection outside of October. 

The signs of mental health issues can be hard to detect or even deliberately hidden, therefore mental health awareness should be something we think about on a day-to-day basis.

I have dedicated my life to helping the disadvantaged youth of Australia turn their lives around, and as such I have seen many of our youth struggle with a broad spectrum of mental illnesses. 

These illnesses are severely affecting our youth with a significant number of cases developing in to long term issues or even resulting in suicide.

Without continuous care and support, our young people run the risk of developing these long term issues and this is simply not something we can allow to happen. 

I ask that we take this Mental Health Month as an opportunity to grow as a nation and stand by our young people. 

Father Chris Riley, Youth Off The Streets

SPRING SUNSHINE: Kianinny Bay in all its splendour recently. Do you have photos of this wonderful region to share? Email ben.smyth@fairfaxmedia.com.au

SPRING SUNSHINE: Kianinny Bay in all its splendour recently. Do you have photos of this wonderful region to share? Email ben.smyth@fairfaxmedia.com.au


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