Bega's 'Cows' discuss tech with NSW Governor

GOVERNOR of NSW General David Hurley may have come to Bega expecting plenty of dairy connections - but on Friday he met up with cows of a different kind.

Before officially opening the Bega Show on Friday night, Mr Hurley took time to speak with the software developers and IT entrepreneurs at the Bega Co-Working Space – otherwise known as CoWS Near the Coast.

His Excellency was given first-hand insight into the varied avenues of technology that are being pursued via the shared space tucked away above Carp St, including three mobile apps already released, the creation of business software platforms and the interest being shown by IT-focused “sea-changers” keen to further their projects while living away from Canberra or Sydney.

CoWS coordinator Liam O’Duibhir said to have the NSW Governor visit was “a major boost”.

“We are so grateful,” Mr O’Duibhir said.

“It’s very hard to run an operation like ours in a region that doesn’t have the tradition of IT focus over many years – apart from within a small number of people.

“So to have someone at state level show an interest in what we do is very gratifying.

“To give us that level of validation is a major boost for us, particularly as it’s only a year since we opened,” he said.

“It’s tremendous to be able to showcase what we’re developing and the high skill set we have here in the Bega Valley.”

While speaking with Mr O’Duibhir, Mr Hurley said the value he sees in his visit to CoWs was that he could now spread the message to other regions he visits and say “you should talk to this group here and take a look at what they are doing”.