VOX POPS: Liquor store at Bermagui Woolworths

Question: What do you think of Woolworth's application for a liquor licence in Bermagui?


Marisol Lurve, Bermagui.

"I totally disagree. We don't need another bottle shop in a small community town like Bermagui. The bottle shop at Woolworths will probably have cheaper prices, so its a bad impact on the local economy."

Charles Gregory, Bermagui.

"I think it's obscene. There are enough liquor shops in town. And I disagree with Woolworths methods of going about business." 

Sam Davis, Bermagui.

"This is a very dangerous development for Bermagui with our soaring rates of domestic violence. What a pity we don't have a council that wants to help us fight these crucial struggles."

Peter Stanfield, Eden. 

"It depends on how it will impact on other local businesses. [But] we don't need more bottle shops." 


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