Ken Duncan discusses photographs, faith

Ken Duncan (right) and Rev Ross Gear catch up at St John’s Anglican church after the presentation.
Ken Duncan (right) and Rev Ross Gear catch up at St John’s Anglican church after the presentation.

INTERNATIONALLY renowned photographer Ken Duncan gave a presentation of his works to a group of awed onlookers on Sunday.

Life’s an Adventure was held at St John’s Anglican Church in Bega, and Mr Duncan showed well-known as well as rarer pieces, and told some of his many stories. 

“The church was full and many different churches were represented,” Reverend Ross Gear said.

“His photography, as everyone knows, is just scintillating.

“The feedback has been very positive from people who loved the show, and loved the passion Ken brings to his photography and his life’s journey, and how that connects with his faith.”

Mr Duncan originally came to the area in order to give a couple of workshops in Broulee and the Sapphire Coast Anglican College.

When he told a member of St John’s he was free on Sunday morning he was immediately asked to do the presentation, which he agreed to do for free. 

Mr Duncan began photography when he was 16, and is still doing it as he approaches 60. 

“I’m a country boy - I was born in it - and became a country photographer because I love the country,” Mr Duncan said. 

“I’m here [in Bega] to motivate the next generation of photographers.

“There’s so much talent down here.

“If you are going to follow photography, just do it.

“A lot of people think you need a degree or it will be too hard so don’t try - but just do it.”

He had enjoyed his visit to the Bega Valley and admired the local landscape, but wanted to encourage faith in the region.  

“This town is beautiful, but there is a heaviness over it and only faith will break that,” he said.

“If you want to start landscape photography, if you want to be truly creative, then you need to get to know the Creator.

“Me, I’m an average photographer with a great God.

“Everyone’s journey is going to be a little different, but just be open to the reality there is something bigger than you.”

Mr Duncan is assisting Walk A While Foundation, which aims to raise a giant 20-metre cross in Central Australia, made from steel and lined with LED lights to be seen from far across the desert. 

Funds from the morning’s collection plate were to go towards the cause. 

Mr Duncan will be returning to the area to give an exhibition later this year, as well as continuing to visit in order to photograph the area. 


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