Cobargo school’s fireworks bonanza

Fireworks light up the Cobargo sky at the local school's annual P&C fundraiser. Photo: Peter Smith.

Fireworks light up the Cobargo sky at the local school's annual P&C fundraiser. Photo: Peter Smith.

THE Cobargo P&C Fireworks Night on Friday went off with an explosion of fun, food and - of course - fireworks. 

While numbers of attendees were down from last year’s event perhaps due to the windy conditions, P&C fundraising coordinator Tom Hausfeld said a great time was still had by all. 

“It was a fun night,” Mr Hausfeld said.

“On the day we were deliberating whether to go ahead or not because of the weather conditions.

“But it was pretty much unstoppable in the end.” 

The food was ready, the ovens lit and activities set up so it was decided as there was no rain to go ahead with the event. 

Children played games with coloured spaghetti and dunkin’ doughnuts, winning lollies as prizes. 

The P&C sold sausages, beef and gravy rolls, and cakes, and there was a coffee and hot chocolate stall run by a woman who gave a donation to the P&C after the event. 

“The bonfire went well, which kept everybody warm,” Mr Hausfeld said.

“[And] the fireworks did go ahead even though the wind was blowing a gale.”

He said the fireworks were brilliant, and the fireworks organisers always put on a good show.

“They had to go a little slower, because of the wind, which made it more special as people had to take it in at a slower pace,” Mr Hausfeld said.

The fire service was there on standby to supervise the fireworks and bonfire, but all went well.

The P&C broke even, but did not raise a lot due to the numbers being down.

Mr Hausfeld said it was still a good result because "the event was about the children having a good time, which they certainly did".

The fireworks night is a tradition for Cobargo Public School and has been going on for many years.

Mr Hausfeld said it would likely be on again next year - weather permitting. 


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