VOX POPS: Carbon Tax repeall

Question: What do you think about the repeal of the Carbon Tax?


Scott Spence, Bega.

"I don't really think Tony Abbott knows what he's doing. I think he's just looking at the short term. Most things he seems to do seem to be pleasing people for the short term benefit and ignoring what could happen in the future."

Ty Marshall, Candelo.

"I think we are going backwards a bit. The rest of the world is doing something with a carbon price. At $8 a week I don't think it is a big issue."

Ben Hammond, Merimbula.

"I don't think they should be doing a tax. It means it there would be extra money for people to pay, with not much of a gain." 

Kevin Lee, Brisbane.

"To be honest I think it is a waste of time. The reason I'm saying this is it is looking a businesses performing well. If businesses are not performing well in relation to the environment those are the one's that should be targeted. It shouldn't be a blanket rule."


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