Reynolds’ remarks from Scotland

• Tathra’s James Reynolds tackles his first practice session on the greens in Ayr, Scotland.

• Tathra’s James Reynolds tackles his first practice session on the greens in Ayr, Scotland.

COMMONWEALTH Games bowler, and Tathra’s own, James Reynolds has touched down in Scotland without losing his wit. 

The athlete’s first account from overseas came in the form of an amusing email to family and friends. 

Here is what Reynolds had to say.

So we’ve been here for a few days and have finally had an opportunity to update you all on what has been going on.

So far its been really awesome!

So we arrived here Saturday after a “very enjoyable” 23-hour flight ... haha not. 

Despite the rumors and the terrorism unit being called, yes I did flatulate on touchdown in Scotland, and no it wasn’t an act of terrorism.

Despite many passengers, especially my team-mates questioning otherwise.

After arriving we headed off to Ayr which is our base for the first week. 

Nice area.

Saturday afternoon /evening was all about checking out the beers, oops I mean the city, and most importantly staying awake. 

Not easy to do, trust me! 

Sunday we didn’t do a great deal in the morning and in the afternoon we had our first roll at the local Ayr bowling club. 

The green looked scary and rather soft underfoot, but surprisingly wasn’t too bad playing about 11 [seconds] maybe. 

Sunday night of course was the World Cup final whereby I was the only person bar my team-mate Timmy Slater who were barracking for Germany. 

I felt as popular as I did on the plane landing in Scotland haha. 

Anyway nobody likes a sore loser, But I really don’t know why everyone had to suddenly go to bed after the Germans won.

Surely one congratulatory beer was in order hahaha.

Monday was a mixture of formalities and frivolity whereby we first travelled to glasgow to organise our accreditation and then back to Ayr to experience the local races.

 Such a fun day where we were broken up into teams and as a group had to dress up, perform a random act of kindness and lastly pool some cash together and bet on each race.

For our random act of kindness we gave a box of chocolates to a rather elderly couple, but I think the card with "have a good life" was a bit rude hahahaha. 

My team was Nathan Rice (Lurch), Kelsey Cottrell (Kelso) and Faye Luke (Darlsy), a brilliant team.

As for the races well we were on fire! 

After some early morning form research by yours truly, we picked the first three winners.

At this point three bookmakers shut up shop (I kid you not), because obviously our four pounds per race was clearly killing them haha. 

Another team jagged a 25 pound winner.

After much abuse from our team (justified of course) we decided to fold like an England Ashes team and subsequently backed no further winners.

Anyway so today onwards we get serious and get stuck into what we are here to do which is represent our great country and prepare to win stacks of medals. 

This all starts with heading to the venue, Kelvingrove, to train pretty much all day.

Anyway that’s all I have for now, and remember all opinions expressed in these emails are mine, except if someone wants to sue me, in which case, I swear someone with a terrible sense of humor has stolen my iPad.



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