Best of the web, June 16

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I am certain even with a 4.30pm start....there would not be enough hours left that night to take in all the stories and life experiences of Leone Cremer. Leone is a living treasure...they don't make them like Leone anymore. You would not categorise Leone as a refined woman..she calls a horse a horse and a donkey an ass!... In the 30 years I have known her...I have never seen her wearing a dress...just a beaming smile. If Leone is not on a back of a horse...there are always horses in tow in horse floats. Good luck Leone... One of Bermagui's living treasures.... a rich life she has willingly shared with others....and a true helper to many children over the years either sharing her knowledge of dressage or coaching on the tennis court.

The Bermagui Rabbit

Please consider letting these big girls go folks, at this size they're still valuable breeders & far too important to the little estuaries down our way to kill, take your photos & let em go..

The 40-70cm models taste sweeter anyway ;)

Great catch on light gear all the same Ryan

Jase Holley

Cats, an introduced species feeding on our native wildlife? Gee, who would've thought!

Keep your cats inside.


‘Annette Woods’

Jason Woods

‘Jason Woods’ we are not getting a cat !!!!

Annette Woods

Hmm! Not sure why they have mentioned breeding? According to their website Sydney Fox Rescue work exclusively to remove foxes from the wild and desex them. Most of their referrals (70%) come from rural areas in NSW. They also work with wildlife groups to provide fox scent for predator aversion training. Don't see the issue myself, they are removing foxes from the wild- less foxes in the wild has to be a good thing right?


 We can buy a rabbit in a pet shop and they are considered a pest. There is no outrage over pet bunnies. I have been led to believe that fox's are very loving animals when raised correctly. I would not personally keep one, however I see no issue if anyone else decided to responsibly keep one.

Larnie Olswick


They're beautiful in their natural ecosystem, but wreak havoc in ours. Every year millions of native animals are killed my foxes. They need to be gotten rid of.

Jenna Jeffery

 If Australia owned its resources our country would be rich enough to pay for the education of our people at all levels.

Betsy Hilton


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