Cobargo's Eat, Think, Create 'fabulous'

Janet Doolin next to her stall featuring produce from Cobargo Farm.
Janet Doolin next to her stall featuring produce from Cobargo Farm.

A LARGE crowd attended the first Eat, Think, Create (ETC) in Cobargo on Saturday, which has events that span across the long weekend and was organised by a small team.

Janet Doolin from Cobargo Farm ran a stall during the market with the produce from her farm, and was one of the five committee members for ETC.

“We put our thoughts together, about what we could do to promote the town, and came up with what’s happening today,” Ms Doolin said.

“June can be a very stagnant month - we are trying to keep people here.

“All is going well and I’m sure it will happen again next year.”

President of Cobargo Creators Veronica Abbott said the idea for ETC came up at a Creators dinner in February 2013, as they wanted to develop the community’s creative outlets.

“We came up with an event that encouraged groups and individuals to do what they do best,” Ms Abbott said.

“It’s a festival of everything that makes our little zone fabulous.”

She said selling the concept of ETC was interesting and involved “expanding people’s ideas of what an event could be”, as for example there was no general entry fee as many events were on Cobargo’s main street, just fees for entry to some events.

Ms Abbott said ETC was organised with no money, the overall coordination done with skills and resources of people who were happy to contribute. 


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