Bega Roosters are fighting fit

• Roosters take part in a “body bar” training regime at United Fitness on Tuesday night.
• Roosters take part in a “body bar” training regime at United Fitness on Tuesday night.

YOU could be forgiven for thinking two weeks off might impact the Bega Roosters’ form. 

However, playing-coach Ryan Apps said the first grade players, and Roosters in general, are busily training at the North Bega United Fitness gym. 

“Some people think having two byes in a row is bad,” Apps said. 

“But we’ve been doing some targeted training and working a lot on injury prevention to be ready for our game against Eden. 

“It should be good.”

Gym owner Shaun Ruzicka has been working with Apps on developing footy-targeted programs for core strength and injury prevention. 

“Shaun and I have done up programs for people, so we’re doing weight training and the cardio as well,” Apps said. 

“We’re doing a bit of targeted training to keep everyone fit for football. 

“A lot of the boys are already doing the weights to build strength, but we’re just looking to mix it up and keep the body guessing.”

United Fitness is the club’s major sponsor this year, and the association has paid dividends for the senior teams. 

“They’re helping us out with the programs and a bit of personal training, stuff like that,” Apps said. 

The senior players have been doing full-body workouts in preparation for next week.

”In the boxing program, you do warm-ups on the bike and push ups as well, it’s a real full-body workout

“They’re putting the hard yards in even though we have two weeks off.

The guys are specially looking at workouts to help prevent injuries.

“We’re doing plenty of exercises to prevent injuries.”

Part of the plans set out by Apps and Ruzicka concentrate on strengthening muscles around common injury areas like knees and shoulders.

In the meantime the club has used the byes to rest existing injuries.

“A few injuries are popping up so we can work on it and they will nearly be right for when we play Eden.

“We are not resting on our laurels, keeping fit and keeping our eyes on the prize.”

It’s not just the boys who have been hitting the tracks either.

“A fair few of the girls are going to the gym and hitting the weights as well,” Apps said.


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