Theatre Onset's monologues an emotional ride

THEATRE Onset’s new play, Talking With… by Jane Martin, opens this week - with the BDN invited to a full dress rehearsal on Tuesday night.

The play features stories by seven actors, who have been directed by Jamie Forbes, Di Nicol and Patrick O’Halloran.

The first personality of the night was known as Big Eight, played by Penny Hunt, who regaled the audience with tales from her days as a rodeo cowgirl, lamenting how the days of rodeo are long gone and are now only run by “disco babies and divorce lawyers”.

Jack Berry gave an emotional performance about loss and remembrance, as his character recalled the last 90 days his mother was alive

The simple sound effects by Julien Comer-Kleine were used to great effect in this piece.

Be warned, if not you then the person sitting next to you will have tears in their eyes by the time Berry’s heartbreaking performance is over.

Alex Nicol gave a brilliant performance as a mad man, who really, really wants to live in McDonald’s – so it is good news for him there is now one down the road in Bega.

Her eyes lolling around the room, Patricia Mills played a tipsy Brit reminiscing bitterly over her life, before telling audiences about a life-changing moment that taught her the importance of scars. 

A snake charmer, played by Mahamati, has quite an interesting connection with the reptiles and mesmerises the audience with her performance so much, she will make you believe she has a snake inside her wooden crate on the stage.

Fabulous Jane Gordon gave an energetic and colourful performance as an actor with a 15-minutes call before her show on stage, but wishes she knew a bit more about the audience. 

To finish off the evening, Ella Davies appeared as Mary Titfer (accompanied by her cat Tat) nervously applying for an audition – but is she really as harmless as she first appears?

Full of movement, Ella threw herself into the role and embraced it completely.

Talking With… will be performed on June 5, 6, 7, 13 and 14 at 7.30pm and June 8 and 15 at 3pm, at The Old Butcher Shop Theatre, 215 Carp St, Bega.

Tickets are $20/$15, can be bought at the door, or bookings can be made at, or by calling 6492 4928. 


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