Daniel Champagne farewells Valley in favour of Nashville

Daniel Champagne is performing on Friday in his home town of Bega, and at his old primary school, Mumbulla School Hall.

Daniel Champagne is performing on Friday in his home town of Bega, and at his old primary school, Mumbulla School Hall.

ON FRIDAY, Daniel Champagne will be playing his final show in the Bega Valley before relocating to the US. 

The 24-year-old musician from Brogo has experienced widespread acclaim, stunning audiences with his extraordinary skill as a guitarist and his captivating vocals. 

After leaving school at 18, he began touring and spread his music throughout the world, touring Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and the US. 

He has released two EPs, one long play and two albums - The Gypsy Moon Volumes I and II. 

He leaves Australia in July, when he will spend six weeks touring Canada before settling in Nashville. 

While he has been touring for the past five years and is used to being on the move, he said he is looking forward to living in the US and having a home base.

Champagne’s US booking agency had told him as he was touring the US more and more, it would be easier for him to do if he lived in the country.   

“At the time they said that, I was ready to do it,” he said.

Champagne is a road artist – based around his live performance – and said one of the reasons for the move is the US has the biggest touring market in the world. 

“It’s about being able to play at more and more places,” he said.

He plans to spend three years in the country touring nationally and internationally from there, and he will be back in Australia at capital cities next January.

The Gypsy Moon Volume II was released in March, and was his quickest selling album so far, as it sold 2700 copies on its first day when released at the Port Fairy Folk Festival.

Champagne said it was tough to gauge feedback on the album as he was so close to it, but what he had received had been good and he was really proud putting out a double album. 

He has done enough recording for a  while – releasing two albums in 10 months – but for his next release he plans to “break new ground as a guitar player and solo performer” creating an album featuring just him and his guitar.

Champagne was inspired to write his song I Grew Up Where I Could See the Stars from his time living in the Bega Valley.

He remembers he started writing it when he was in New York looking at the starless sky, thinking how far he had come from his home in the Bega Valley, and it was a “real epiphany moment” for him.  

He never envisioned music for his career until he started touring, and “certainly” never thought of moving to the US.

Champagne said performing in Bega is “always a really special gig”, performing for the people who were there supporting him from the beginning such as his parents and teachers, however that can make him a little more nervous too. 

“It’s definitely a different type of show for me,” he said.  

“I’m looking forward to Friday’s show more than any other date this tour.

“It’s going to be my last gig there for possibly a long, long time so hopefully everyone can make it out.”

Champagne is playing at the Mumbulla School Hall on May 30, doors opening at 7pm.

Pre-sale tickets can be bought at Magpie Music for $15/$10, or at the door.  


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