Poultry Show in Bega reaches its 89th year

THE 89th Bega Poultry Show was held over the weekend in a shed at the Bega Showground.

The event attracted 700 entries of different breeds of poultry, including some rarer breeds.

A large crowd attended over the weekend, and president of the Bega District Poultry Club Garry Backhouse said “the shed had been packed all day” on Saturday.

“It’s the most people I’ve seen for a show at this time of year,” he said.

“It has been an excellent weekend – attendance was perfect, the weather was perfect.

“We had really quality birds.”

All 65 exhibitors attended a presentation at the Bega Country Club on Saturday night, where they had a night of dinner and entertainment.

Two of the major awards were champion bird of the show which was won by John Lawlis from near Bredbo with his Australian Langshan, and reserve champion won by Ian Hogan from Bega with his White Wyandotte.

The champion junior bird was won by Travis Creek from Bermagui with his female Indian Game.

Travis said it was very exciting for him on Saturday, and his favourite parts of the show were “looking at all the other good chooks and seeing that I won junior champion”.

There were 88 birds entered in the junior exhibits, from 16 different exhibitors.

In addition to the juniors from the Bega Valley, some travelled from Tumut and Ulladulla to enter the show.   

Mr Backhouse said the judges had been “really impressed with the quality of the birds”.

Rare breeds on display included Silver-laced Wyandottes, Andalusians, Black Hamburgs, Silver-spangled Hamburgs, Welsummers and Barnevelders.

“The interest is there in poultry,” Mr Backhouse said.

“People are getting interested in pure breds too.

“They are looking for something that looks good.”

Numbers of entries were down a little this year, as the last few shows have attracted up to 1100 birds.

However Mr Backhouse hopes to get around 1000 entries for the next years exhibition.

While plans haven’t yet begun for next years 90th show, Mr Backhouse said he hopes something special will be done for it.

“Everything is looking well for the future,” he said.

The Bega District Poultry Club has around 60 members, who range from Victoria to the Monaro, and up to Nowra.


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