VOX POPS: Budget 2014 | $7 GP copayment

Question: Would the extra $7 copayment being charged to your GP make you consider going to the Hospital Emergency Department instead?


Frederick Doolan, Numbugga.

"No not personally, as my family is well off and can afford it. However I can imagine those from a lower socio-economic status might go to the Emergency Department instead. Once I leave home and don't have my family's support, then I might go to the department instead."

Russell (left) and Logan Barrett, Numbugga. 

"Definitely. Most doctors don't take bulk billing around here. So it will just be adding to the normal cost we are paying them anyway."

Neil Grame, Bega.

"No. Not many doctors around here bulk bill. I don't get bulk billing, so i pay the full amount." 

Peter and Elaine Caragher. 

"No. I think the budget has got to be put in order some way or the other. Everybody has got to do their bit."


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